Mediterranean Style Wedding in Northumberland

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Wedding Date 19th August 2019

Catherine & Dave fell in-love with Italy and had planned to marry there, however they felt it was more important to have all their guest with them on their wedding day and found that Le Petit Chateau gave them the Mediterranean Style Wedding they were wishing for.

bride and groom in gardens with heads together

A Mediterranean Wedding

Catherine & Dave are an absolute pleasure to be around. When I first met this gorgeous couple I was so excited to be part of their day. It sounded stunning and they didn’t disappoint! Their love story is full of laughter and perfect moments which was also true for their Wedding Day.

The morning started off with photos of the Bride and her girls in the apartment at the side of Le Petit Chateau. The excitement was infectious with lots of chatter but everyone was so relaxed. Catherine adored the handmade wooden box that Dave had made for their day complete with diamond earrings to match her engagement ring. Dave and his groomsmen got ready in one of the hotel rooms and then gathered together in the grounds before the guests arrived. The banter between them was brilliant so I knew we were in for a fun day.

Catherine had chosen to have some time on her own to put her gown on in the bridal suit, where she was assisted by a Bridal Dresser from Ohh Sew Beautiful. The dress was by Ian Stuart, purchased from Y.A.P Bridal. It was truly a special moment to watch, as Catherine became quite emotional when she saw herself all made up in her gown. We had lots of time to capture some gorgeous and memorable moments around the room as Catherine put on her wedding accessories and prepared for the arrival of her Dad. Now this moment was truly beautiful and a one they will both treasure forever!

The ceremony room was breathtaking and the air was filled with the beautiful sound of the harpist as Catherine and her dad walked down the aisle towards Dave. The ceremony was full of both emotion and laughter with a few tears as Catherine and Dave became Husband & Wife.

Cathrine: “I loved my Dad walking me down the aisle – I was squeezing his arm so tight as I was so nervous. Seeing Dave’s reaction was just amazing”  

The weather was so beautiful the guests were able to enjoy the relaxing gardens plus a caricaturist while myself and the Videographer whisked our bride and groom off to the lake at the bottom of Le Petit Chateau gardens. Catherine and Dave had scheduled lots of time for their couples pictures which allowed us to take our time to capture lots of different shots and it also gave them the opportunity to spend some quality time together.

Wedding Top Tip:

It is so important that couples have time straight away after their ceremony to speak to their guests, to be congratulated and enjoy those first few moments as a married couple. Make sure this time is scheduled in to your day before the group photos and the couple photos start so the you don’t feel too rushed and miss out on seeing your friends & family.

Mediterranean Wedding Decor

After we captured the bride & groom having an absolute ball in the gardens it was time for the speeches and wedding breakfast. Le Petit Chateau is a hidden gem in the middle of beautiful Northumberland and the gardens make you feel like you are in a different country, therefore it was important to Catherine & Dave to bring the outdoors inside. So Dave made artificial blossom trees that stood on each table as huge centrepieces. The trees were then used to decorate the floor space during the evening reception. Each table with an Italian destination illustrated with a vintage postcard on a mini easel. The weather on the day was beautiful from start to finish so it really did feel like a destination wedding.

Mediterranean Bouquet

What better way to remember a favourite place or memory than with a beautiful scent that takes you back. The scent mediterranean herbs give was another important feature to be included in Catherine & Dave’s wedding. The venue flowers and Catherine’s wedding bouquet were made up of garden roses, hydrangeas and peonies with herbs for the beautiful smell that would take the couple back to Italy where Dave proposed.

A Mediterranean Evening

For Catherine and Dave’s evening reception they chose to invite some more guests along to enjoy a fabulous party with a band that really knew how to entertain! Last Anthem were absolutely fantastic, Catherine went to school with the lead singer which meant that it was just like having more friends to join the party. The boys really know how to party, sing and involve the whole audience. To finish off the night, home made Italian style pizzas were served in the gardens so everyone could enjoy the summer evening ended their day perfectly!

Huge Congratulations Mr & Mrs Potter xx

three bridesmaids sitting on bed with silk dressing gowns
bride opening wooden gift box from groom
bride doing mascara in mirror hair in rollers
bride with three bridesmaids all in dressing gowns
groom doing tie in mirror
groomsmen joking around in gardens
groom and best man having button holes attached
groom portrait looking at pocket watch
groom and batsmen walking under venue arch
bouquet and wedding shoes next to shiny copper bath
wedding gown hanging in suit
back of brides gown flowing down steps in window
roll top copper bath in room with bouquet and wedding shoes
bride pulling up front of dress to put shoes on smiling
bride in gown and veil looking emotional in mirror
bride stood in balcony window smelling bouquet
bride dressed holding bouquet ready to go
father of bride arrives to see her for first time
father of bride smiling emotionally at daughter
father and bride hold hands
father of bride sees daughter for first time
father of bride hugs bride
father of bride sees daughter and bride wipes her eyes
bride just ready and looking at her bouquet
mother of bride sees daughter for the first time in gown
bridesmaids see bride for the first time in gown
ceremony room chairs either side of aisle
groom walking into ceremony room
harpest playing
bridesmaid and flower girl walk down aisle
groom watches bridesmaid walking down aisle
groom watches bridesmaid walking down aisle
groom watches bride and father of bride walk towards him
bride arrives at alter with father greeted by groom
bride arrives at alter groom looks lovingly
bride and groom in ceremony
bride and groom at alter smiling at each other
bride and groom facing each other in ceremony
bride and groom kiss as husband and wife
bridesmaids sat chatting together
bride and groom walk back up aisle under confetti
bride and groom exit ceremony
bride and groom under confetti
bride and groom hand in hand walking through gardens
bride and groom sat on bench smiling at camera
bride and groom infant of lake
bride smiles at groom while walking through gardens
full length gown spilled out onto grass from bench with bride and groom
bride and groom infant of lake with arms around each other
bride smiling at groom
bride and groom dancing in front of pink house
bride walking through garden archways
tables set with meditteranean trees as centre pieces
table setting with Italian postcard
wedding guests sat at tables
elegant Harry Potter three tier cake
groomsman sat at wedding table
top table chatting
table setting with pink champaign
bride and groom entering as Mr and Mrs
top table looking at father of the bride giving speech
top table laughing and smiling
bridesmaid smiling at guests at at table
groom lifting bride with dress flowing
groom giving bride a piggy back
bride and groom dancing in gardens
groom twirling bride and dress in gardens
bride and groom first dance
bride and groom first dance singing
groom swirling bride in first dance
band singing




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