Doorstep Portraits


Doorstep Family Portraits, Morpeth

Lockdown….wow it is tough! BUT on a positive note I have personally loved the community spirit. The friendliness of neighbours and walking around Morpeth seeing people on their doorsteps. I think I have spoken (from a safe distance) to more people in my local area in the last few weeks than I have since moving to Morpeth 3 years ago!

Doorstep Family Portraits

So like many photographers around the country I thought I’d offer the fabulous people of Morpeth the opportunity to mark this time with a Doorstep Family Portrait shoot. Life has paused (although it may not feel like it inside our homes!) but families are changing, babies are still being born and our children are growing up.


a mummy in scrubs with husband and daughter on doorstep
a mummy in NHS scrubs bending down listening to daughters heart on doorstep
a lady doctor stood on doorstep in scrubs

Your Doorstep Photoshoot

You are probably thinking “Do I just stand there all stiff and pose? I could get a neighbour to take that photo”. I promise you I will make it fun and relaxed.

Your families have their own little quirks and jokes that have grown and developed behind closed door. We will have a quick chat about what you have been up to where you have been going for your daily exercise and we will find your little quirks.

Or you may have had a baby during lockdown, let me capture you and your new addition.

What artwork do you have in the window? Have you been working hard on rainbows and messages for people walking past or for the NHS? Let me capture it all.

For us we have gone on numerous walks which have ended in carrying our two little people on our shoulders (urgh I can’t wait for this to grow old…or can I? I actually think I will miss it). My little girl is like a gymnast and is forever wanting to be hung upside down. So we tried to capture these moments on the doorstep, we maybe tired of them now but I don’t want to forget them.

There are a few photos below of a couple of families I have captured already.

If you are interested in having a little doorstep family portrait shoot to mark these crazy times then read on to see what’s involved & get in touch:

⭐️ Doorstep shoots are £25

⭐️ Shoots will take 15 mins at most

⭐️ Social Distancing rules will be observed to keep us all safe

⭐️ Your favourite 4 images supplied digitally via email and the opportunity to buy more

⭐️ For every shoot booked £5 will be donated to The Northumberland Women’s Refuge Who provide a service to women and families fleeing domestic abuse.

⭐️ FREE shoots for frontline NHS workers & care home workers – you are all superstars!!

⭐️ Contact me on info@jossguestphotography.co.uk

⭐️ Find our more about me on my website www.jossguestphotography.co.uk/about


Daddy stood on doorstep with daughter and son on hips
Daddy holding daughter upside down on doorstep
daddy sat on doorstep with daughter and son
a mummy playing with daughter hair on doorstep
little girl and daddy playing on doorstep
daddy holding daughter on shoulders on doorstep
daddy and daughter sat on doorstep
a mummy with arms around daughter and son on doorstep
a mummy cuddling daughter and son on doorstep
a mummy stood on doorstep with arms around daughter and son
family stood on doorsteop
family playing with cat on doorstep
family on doorstep with cat
a mummy and daddy kissing daughter on doorstep
a mummy and daddy with daughter and cat on doorstep


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